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Preparing Your Stores for the New Mobile Shopper

Yes, mobile has arrived and it's the biggest thing since sliced bread. Let's not rehash that for the 10,000th time. Let's do something more useful. Let's talk about how you, as a retailer, can adapt to the new mobile shopper. You could view mobile computing as a threat or an opportunity (or both), but either way, now is the time to act.
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Your Employees Are Making Up Stories About Your Brand

If I told you that your employees are making up stories about your brand, would you be angry? If I said these stories are complete fabrications that are creating public confusion about your company and holding back your sales, would you be furious? Well, it's happening, you're the one responsible for it, and they aren't doing anything wrong. Here's why.
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If You Care About Results, Embrace The New, Don’t Toss The Old

Every day we wake up to a new batch of press releases, news announcements and blog posts promising a new era of marketing. Each post announcing the birth of the "next big thing" is accompanied by death notices. Print is dead. TV is dead. QR codes are dead. Even announcements stating that "Marketing is Dead." And with all of these visions of the future, it’s tempting to toss your old playbook in the trash so that 100% of your bandwidth can be devoted to drinking in the newest innovations. That would be both a mistake and a tragedy.
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Mobile-Friendly Web Design and Mobile-Optimized Web Design Are Not the Same

There's no denying that everybody needs a mobile web presence to keep up with the changing consumer population. What many companies don't realize is that a "mobile-friendly" website is not the same as a "mobile-optimized" website, and that by not truly optimizing for mobile, they are hurting their brand and missing the opportunity to better serve mobile users. This post explores the difference between "mobile-friendly" and "mobile-optimized", and offers insights into how to do mobile the right way.
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